Orthopedics & TPLO's

Pet getting checked up

None of us likes to see our furry friends get hurt or start to lump. But it happens. East springs Animal Hospital is equipped with the right equipment and expertise to get your friend running again.

A complete examination will be necessary to isolate where the source of pain is. If imaging is needed our digital x-ray equipment will take excellent images to help diagnose the problem. Most injuries can be healed with rest and anti-inflammatory medication but some may need surgery.

If surgery is needed East Springs Animal Hospital can take care of you. We performed most fracture repairs and surgeries for Medical Luxating Patelellas (MPLs) and Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomies (TPLO).

TPLO’s are the most common orthopedic surgery performed. Dr. Bret Morgan was certified for TPLO surgeries in 2004 and has performed numerous successful procedures. TPLO’s are performed to stabilize the knee joint after the cruciate ligament has been torn. The procedure involves cutting the tibia, turning the proximal segment so that the plateau on the top of the tibia is at a 4 to 8 degree, and applying a bone plate so that they bone heals back together in a new orientation. Recent studies have shown that on average dogs will return to 94% of their function and the surgery greatly reduces the progression of arthritis over time. We will closely monitor the recovery of the dogs for 12 weeks prior to returning them to normal activity.