Internal Medicine

Pet getting checked up

Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult disease. At East Springs Animal Hospital we provide these services at almost every appointment.

Preventative care during all of your pet’s life stages is important. During your pet’s annual or semi-annual examination, we will discuss appropriate options of preventative care for your pet. Vaccinations, parasite protection, dental care, arthritis prevention, and preventative screening testing will be recommended for your pet depending on your pets specific needs.

The diagnosis of a disease is very important when your pet is sick. Knowing the specific reason for your pet’s illness will allow for more effective treatments. East Springs Animal Hospital has made a conscious effort to have available the advanced equipment and knowledge needed to diagnose your pets problem. These tests can include bloodwork, viral tests, digital x-rays, ultrasound and minimally invasive biopsies. The results of these tests will help us accurately diagnose your pet’s illness or at least narrow the possible causes.

The most important thing when your pet is sick is to be able to design a treatment protocol that will give your pet back to its playful self again. After diagnosing your pet, we will customize a treatment plan that is specific to your pets needs and follow your pet until full recovery.