Soft Tissue Surgery

Pet surgeries

Soft tissue surgery is a general term that refers to all surgeries that do not involve the skeletal system. A lot of these surgeries like minor growth removals, neuters and spays are considered routine surgeries and are performed by most veterinary clinics. More difficult soft tissue surgeries include large growth removals, nares resections, cystotomies and foreign body removal from the gastrointestinal tract. These surgeries are also done by a lot of general practices, but can occasionally be more complicated. Advanced soft tissue surgeries in growth removal in a difficult location, abdominal tumors, urethral surgeries, laparoscopic gastropexies, ophthalmic surgeries, cystoscopy, laparoscopic biopsies, splenectomies, anal gland removals and complicated hernias. The more advanced surgeries require additional training and specialized equipment to be performed well and to keep the complication rate to a minimum. Although some of these surgeries will need to be referred to a specialist, East Springs Animal Hospital has the equipment and experience to handle most of these surgeries. Depend on East Springs Animal Hospital and its doctors to give you honest advice so you can decide what the best surgical options for your pet are.